16 October, 2010

Bloomington is tomorrow

I make mistakes, I push too far, I have a dark side, I am too...

It's time to make peace with me. Not sure how to do it. But just like cyclocross and others aspects of my life, I Will Fall Down and I Will Pick Myself Back Up.

Tomorrow is Bloomington. I have a ride with someone I don't know very well. Another opportunity to grow my world a little bit and add a new friend. 

This morning I rode to RRCC, it was brisk. I rode a warm up lap and then did my openers. My toes went numb before I got there and it took a hot bath to thaw them out. The grass was damp with dew and since I was the only one on the course I could see my tracks from each previous time. The sand had the thinnest slimy film on top, which made it slickery. 

Took myself to Ramsi's for dinner. Good grief why did I order enough for two? gluttony  I am miserable but content and have enough for dinner tomorrow when I get home. 

Last night I slept better than I have in a long time. Sure would be nice to do that again.

peace to all

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