15 October, 2010


Change is fine, I accept it and embrace it. Endings, I hate them. COMPLETELY detest them. I love to read but I am so sad when I finish a good book.

I've had some endings recently that make me sad and want to grieve and morn. A friend has said no more. I don't understand, but so be it I guess. 

I happened upon a local establishment in the last year or so. The Swan Dive, owned and operated by a woman. She served a good selection of beer on tap as well as vegetarian food and all had a vegan option. Best vegan mac n cheese I ever ate. Tonight was the last night she would serve food. Next Friday will be the beer blowout. Her's was an eclectic clientele, but all so friendly and nice. I will miss this place to sup and chat with friends.

Lot's of other endings like friends moving away. Though I try not to be too sad about that as they deserve to be supported to achieve their greatness wherever they travel.

Tomorrow the sun will shine and I will wake (I hope) and get to ride my bike once again and race on Sunday. I found someone willing to share a ride with me. So I will grow my world a little more.

I will miss the weekends of last year, where I travelled to all of the races with team mates and cheered them on. There were 4-5 Rogue women racing cross last year in every race. This year there is me. (in the 502). Dynamics change. People move away or move on to new teams.

This is life, embrace it or be left behind......

peace to all


Judi said...

move to a new team. and shit, you know more people at every race girl. i swear! have fun! cannot wait to spend time with ya next week. p.s. you gotta tell me your favorite kinna beer.

Sherri said...

Fun weekend, so glad you came and stayed with me. Tell Dom the porter was wonderful