21 September, 2010

Another chapter closes

and I wonder how the new chapter will unfold. Mishaps and crashes leading up to my youngest daughter's wedding day kept things interesting, to say the least.

Rehearsal and dinner went very smoothly. Bride and Maid of Honor were making lists and checking everything multiple times. I didn't have much to do, but by the end of Saturday I was fairly exhausted.  

Wedding day morning seemed to so smoothly, to start. Pick up Heather, pick up Amber, load the car with dresses and such. Pick up the wedding cake. Arrive @ the wedding site and get ready. Nerves were only a little frazzled. Last minute touches were just that, last minute. But when the music started and the flower girl began walking down the stairs all was perfect. The bride never stopped smiling through the rest of the day's festivities. 

The happy couple are cruising on their honeymoon and the rest of the world continues living. Hustle and bustle of work days and other of life's activities. 

I've been saying my obligations are over, financially. While this is true, I'll always be Mom. Now to replenish the coffers and plan the next things to do. A vacation would be nice, think it will most likely involve riding/racing bicycles. Time to be more serious and focused on training. Cyclocross is a combo of tough competition and lots of fun times with friends. Now to see if I can race and train with no more crashes!

peace to all

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