26 September, 2010

Never get too comfy or even think about resting upon your laurels

Beautiful morning, crisp @ 57F when I left the apt @ 9:30. Stopped to get a cup of english breakfast tea @ JBC and headed to Shawnee. I wanted to see the Cat4s, especially MH race. Alas, MH is not racing but running all over taking photos. "Why aren't you racing?" I ask. He responds that he's just gotten an internship with a cycling magazine (damn I can't remember which). 

I finally got to meet Karen Wh and her husband from Dayton. What a great couple! She and I have been fb friends since late last year following the last CX races.

I didn't warm up properly at all for my race. Just rode around half-ass. But I was breathing well all morning. I've been taking my advair once daily instead of once every third day.

We line up and the whistle blows and off we go to the hole-shot. What fun! Someone has a wheel on me. Not sure who. Fun I kick into overdrive and take the hill, bomb down the other side and ride for all I had. I'd pre-rode the course once, easy and knew I needed to follow the lines already taken by previous races. The course was flat and fast on one side with a nice off-camber that went into a snake around trees to the first log barrier that snuck up on you. Men were bunny-hopping this log, I stepped on it to get over. The second part of the course had quite a bit of flat, but then this up and down, up and down, that put you on off-camber at the top corner which was interesting. I bombed the downhills and then the off camber straightaways to the start finish. Somewhere on lap 3 I felt like I might wheeze, but put it out of my mind and told myself, only 1 lap after this. I am still surprised that no one passed me. It felt good to win and have a nice gap in front of the rest of the field. Only regret is my remounts. I didn't do them properly. The logs were such a bear to clear, that I lost momentum and just stopped and got on my bike instead of running and legging over the proper way. This is what I'll work on this week for sure.

The rest of the day was so much fun, cheering on the other racers. After the last race I headed home. The only way I know to get to and fro is the LBC bike ride that goes to Shawnee. As I am driving down Market between 9th and 8th street a car to my leftt (I'm in the rightmost lane) turns on his right turn signal and immediately starts to pull into my lane. He pulls into me and I am trying to react, slow down but wind up turning into 8th street. There's a parked car so I take the sidewalk and at the same time a parking meter. The entire driver's side of my car is wasted. The front rim is split. Thank goodness no one was hurt.

I'm tired. I have lots of stuff to take care of this week. Car repairs and crown replacements, except I have no car to get to the dentist. Fun times!

I seriously do mean fun times. Cars and teeth can be replace but memories like today, racing and laughing and cheering on others is priceless. I am indeed a lucky girl. Lucky too because my Heather came and swooped me up and took me and my gear home. I love her more than she'll ever know.

peace to all

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