14 September, 2010

Tough and fragile

It amazes me just how tough yet fragile the human body is. It is resilient as well. I guess I will continue to prove to myself that I am not invincible (already knew that a long time ago). I've had lots of bumps and bruises and crashes. I've had some people ask me what I'm doing to myself. Do I have the skills to be doing what I'm doing? Shouldn't I find something more safe and less risky like crochet or needlepoint. 

Give me a break, people! I ride a bike. Yeah I fall down (more than I want). I'm also learning. Part of learning is making mistakes. It's how I seem to learn best. I have made the same mistake twice, granted. But I have fun riding. I have fun doing things that are difficult. Riding on bumpy grass, fishtailing through sand, dismounting the bike to carry it over obstacles and push it up grassy or better yet muddy hillsides. Remounting the bike to ride off camber as fast as possible just to slow down and ride through 180 switchbacks. You fall down. Hopefully, you get back up and go. Get dirty. Breathe hard. Hands hurt. Lungs burn. Have FUN. 

I bought a dress for my baby girl's wedding tonight. It's ankle length to cover these banged up legs. I hope it passes muster. I think pearls and low heels will look good. The shiner is looking fairly good. I think the concealer should work through the pictures at least. :-)  

I'm so ready to get back on my bike and ride I can taste it! 

sending high vibrations and much love to family all this week

peace to all

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