13 September, 2010

Not all that badass, though I'd love to be

Amber came by and we talked over some wedding stuff. She carried my wheels upstairs out of the car. Made sure I was ok, but didn't pawn over me which is good. I used my poultice and drank my jasmine tea and was in bed before 10. When I laid down I bawled like a baby for a few minutes. So silly, but just had to get it out of my system. I remembered how alone I was after my collar bone and got a little over-whelmed. Tears have a way of cleansing the soul. It's been quite a while since I shed any. Slept so soundly, I was surprised. The jasmine tea also has chamomile and I took my mega minerals, that must've been the right combo.  :-)

Worked from home today and probably will tomorrow. I got up every hour and walked around so I wouldn't be completely stiff. Around noon I walked downstairs to check the mail and back up. I did one step at a time gingerly and wasn't so bad. After dinner I walked to Old Town. I was almost home and at one point my thigh buckled. By the time I got back my leg was very tired. Climbing the steps normally was a push.  But I pushed.

Lots of work to do. Have to buy a dress for the wedding! Miss riding, but I don't want to swing my leg over the saddle yet or carry the bike downstairs. But I want to spin. Wednesday.

peace to all

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AM said...

Ow! Impaling yourself on the handlebars sounds so painful. Hope you heal soon.