11 September, 2010

1st 2010 CX race done

1st sign it might not be a great race, went out for my openers last night and breathing sucked. Complete my first set of efforts and was wheezing. Started to pack it in, but went on and did 4 of 5 of the 2nd set. Got home and went through my relaxation routine

Didn't set the alarm, in bed before 10 and slept the best in a very long time. I intended to pull out of the drive by 8:30, just didn't happen. Started to get antsy about it and decided that was silly as I had plenty of time to arrive, sign-in and warm-up before my race @ 11.

2nd sign, short of breath carrying gear out to the car. It took 3 trips down my outside flight of stairs. So, I puff on my albuterol in the car and head out. I really wanted to get there to see RF race. She was going to race with the beginners. When I arrived I found out I hadn't missed her as they decided to have her race behind the Cat 4 men (still not sure they didn't have her race with us women). She did great! So much so, she is racing with us tomorrow. Yes!

I warmed up on my trainer and breathing was still iffy so I take another puff. I was thrilled to see SM racing with me in the 35+ and SS racing the 34 and unders. SS and I did a warm-up lap. Fun course, except for that first SUPER bumpy part. It was overcast and damp but felt warm to me. We line up and take off. They took off and I didn't get clipped in until the first turn. By the time I got to the second turn they were almost out of sight. There were plenty of places on the course that I liked. One power area that was almost like a golf course in smoothness and carpet feel. The part that took you into the lake was Great fun, muddy and off-camber. The first barrier came after a 180 turn into a dry mud pit and immediately turned to a nice run-up the hill with your bike. When I got to the beginning of the third lap and saw where the rest of the field was I  decide
d to back off so I could try to breathe and allow them to lap me. This is mainly because I just didn't think I could pull off a 4th lap. SM came in first, which totally rocked. SS had a great first CX race. A fellow Rogue who raced the Cat 4 race and a Twin-Spires racer were there cheering me on along with several of the ladies from the Monday night Skirt-ride. SM and I took the podium as the only 2 in our AG.

The rest of the day was filled with cheering on other racers and socializing with lots of people. I got to know several people a little better and catch up with a few I'd not talked with in a while. I watched ND race as the only elite woman with the elite men's field and come in fifth place against the men while winning the women's race. They had to do 8 laps! OUCH

Driving home I reflected on the day and how fortunate I am. One woman told me how she thought I was in my late thirties. How sweet. So many people asking how the other guy was doing when they saw my shiner from Monday night CX practice.  ha ha  Lot's of good conversation, joking and just clean fun (well maybe a little bit of dirt on the legs and bikes).

Tomorrow brings the 2nd CX race of the season. I hope the breathing improves. But I know I'll have an even better day since so many more racers will show up and I'll get to catch up with even more friends.

Life is good

peace to all

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