16 August, 2010

Rest week, mountain bike, no bike

So the races ended and rest week began. I rode Monday night skirts, e.a.s.y. Legs felt like crap and I had ridden easy on Sunday, too.  

Took Tuesday and picked up the new mtn bike. Brian wasn't there, he called in sick. bummer  So, I got the bike and a purchased a camelback too and headed home. Wednesday was fun as I took a vacation day and headed to Brown County State Park. Others had made plans to go, but I had decided a few weeks earlier to do this and do it solo. I was accused of being unsociable, but so be it. I needed some time to get to know this new bike and play for a while. I rode for close to 3 hours. I stayed on the lower, easier trails and had a blast. It was so hot and very humid that I was drenched in 5 minutes of getting kitted up. When I finished riding I immediately changed into clean dry clothes. Driving home my bike came off of one of the posts on the bike rack. Scared me to death! So, I stopped by the LBS and had Brian check it out for me. All seemed to be ok. 

By the time I got up on Thursday I noticed I was having some issues in the saddle contact areas. This got progressively worse through the day and Friday. I went to Walgreens and bought monistat, thinking that might help but did nothing. The weekend was misery. I couldn't ride!!!!!!!

So, finally today I ventured out for the skirt ride. YES! It was slow and easy. We had a new girl and I hung back with her most of the time. She did great. Poor thing fell twice as she is still not used to the clipless pedals. Thank goodness she wasn't hurt badly, just the ego. We all assured her we've "been there done that".  By the time we arrived at Seneca the second time she asked how much further we were going to ride. Her legs were turning to jelly. She was happy to hear the rest was flat. Once to Cycler's we all decided to grab a recovery drink and some nourishment at Spring Street. Nice times with the skirts.

Saddle issue isn't 100% recovered, but much better than it was. CX training rides start on Wed. I don't think I'm ready for dismounts and remounts yet. We will take it easy for sure. In the mean time I hope to run on Tuesday and Thursday this week and ride easy if there's time. Friday will see some intervals with longer endurance on the weekend. Then next week we'll get serious.

be well, laugh and love, peace

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