06 August, 2010

Race #2 - The Road Race in Cherokee park

Didn't exactly turn out the way I'd hoped, but it started well. Tracy Tolson, who had just won the National Championship for her age group right before my race started, came over and told us all of the places to watch out for. It poured rain during the first race(s) of the day cutting them short by 1 & 2 laps respectively. It continued to rain during her race and there were some place that had moss and once wet were slick as ice.

Anyway, I stayed with the pack all the way to Cochran hill. Not an easy hill to climb. As we got to the last part of the ascent I started being gapped and the harder I pedaled the slower I went. My rear wheel felt like I was going over stress cracks n the pavement. I approached Lexington Road  and my rear wheel fishtailed which made me a little nervous but as I was going down towards Ledge Rd I looked down and back at my rear tire, it was flat. I walked my bike up Dog Hill to the feed zone. One Wheel truck passed me and I tried waving it down but it kept on going. Once to my team mates I was ready to give in, but they encouraged and cajoled me to continue and try for the next wheel truck. I reached the top of the hill and waved and waved but he just kept going though he did acknowledge me and pointed forward down the race course. Brian had walked up with me and was just as perplexed as me, but he kept a cool head and found Curtis. Curtis lent me his rear wheel so I could finish my race. These two men deserve a special home made desert!  I got on my bike and Curtis' wheel and finished the race. I was a full lap down and came in last, but what an experience to be out there. No sour grapes. My team mates were great, cheering me and supporting me through the 5 laps. My friend Whitney was at the top of Barret Hill, the one place in the course I find has no energy at all and she cheered and said some of the nicest things as I passed by.

It's not always about the outcome. Most of the time it's about the journey. 

I have one more race, the criterium tomorrow.  I'll post up about it after and then more on the journey once all of these races are behind me.

Here's a photo that is on the USACYCLING.ORG web site taken By: Keri Kahn 


DrJohnM said...

Passion indeed. Good luck in the crit.

Anonymous said...

you are all inspiring...please don't stop! BEast