03 August, 2010

TT is in the books

and someone has to be DFL, right?  

It's all good except that I was slower this year than last year. Makes me want to find a reason, an excuse. But no excuses count. It was a good experience, the course is tough, but I'd hoped my training would improve my time. One thing I can say is that I was able to use a cassette with a 27 cog and stayed in my big ring the entire course. Didn't do that last year.

So, I've been rehydrating to try to get back to a normal hydration level. Think I'm finally there. Tomorrow I am providing support in the feed zone for team mate and all around great friend Brian. I hate that he doesn't get a day between races like I do. His race time is like 3:00. Considering the temperatures we have been having I hope everyone is taking care of themselves. Especially those from cooler climates. 

So, tomorrow I will spectate and do my workout as planned before my road race on Thursday. We'll see how that one goes...

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