30 November, 2007

11/12 behind us for this year we label 2007

We love to measure things. It's the competitive nature that we have.

I dread wintertime. I know it's necessary. I should embrass it I know. I'm hoping maybe this winter I can. I've battled asthma for years and cold air would lock up my bronchials bigtime. But I haven't smoked any cigarettes in over 18 weeks. I've been cycling and running. So hoping that maybe I could try skiing this winter, if the weather gets cold enough for long enough. You just never know what winter will bring to this part of the planet.

Got my bike, shoes, pedals, trainer, etc today. Took the day off from training. Stayed up too late last night. I'm hoping that this is gonna keep a smile on my face for sometime to come. I just hope I'm not cryin come Monday. The little bit I was on the bike in my shoes and clipped in I realised that I have some muscles that will get a workout over the next few days. Gotta get the towels washed and dried. Think there's gonna be a whole lotta sweatin' goin on this weekend!

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