02 December, 2007

I brought it home!

The new bicycle is in the trainer, just waiting for me to jump on anytime I want. It's very different riding from the stationary. I think I need (want) a gadget (odometer) so I'll have an idea of the distance I'm travelling and then can determine my mph.

The stationary's front wheel has a fan blade built-in, this is what creates the resistance. However, it also provides a nice breeze in your face while you are riding, which helps to keep your core temperature cool. It has a gadget that tells distance and estimates calories burned, etc. The handle bars also move alternating in a front to back motion which gives some upper body workout, though not a tremendous amount. Helps tighten up those loose areas though.
The road bike in a trainer is just that. The trainer fits the rear wheel between 2 connectors and there is a metal roller you adjust against the tire. This roller is what provides resistance. I can manually adjust the resistance or use a remote. For now, the front tire in sitting on the Yellow Pages to keep the bike level. Not exactly making any fashion statements, but I'm not trying to impress anyone, YET!

My first time out, I decided on 30 minutes, 'cause that's what I've been doing this week. Within 5-6 minutes I was sweating profusely! I was getting much warmer much faster than on the stationary. I need a box fan, in the worst way! I ran through the gears a few times, spending time in each one. Then I settled in and just rode. It's gonna take a few days to get comfy in the seat I think. I haven't been leaning so forward as I do on this bike. Need to work on my core abs a little more strenuously. These should keep my back in better alignment while riding.

I was very surprised by the fact that my right leg is stronger than my left. I am ambidextrious and I thought most tendencies were to my left. I didn't realise how uneven my gait/cadence is from left to right leg. It made the bike and pedals bump and clink a bit while riding.

The clipless pedals allow for working on one leg at a time as well as take advantage of the 'upswing' part of the pedaling. This is going to take patience and perseverance on my part. Find a comfortable way to sit and pedal one leg at a time and find a place to put the other foot. This is also going to be working new muscle groups. I could feel some new sensations in my legs both as I was riding and this morning before getting out of bed.

It's raining this morning, but forecast says it should get to 66F. If the hour-by-hour is accurate, I may be able to get outside and ride the neighborhood around 1pm or 2. I would love to get out on the road, even if it's only 10 or 15 minutes. Just to get the feel one time. If not, I'll ride indoors. If I get bored, I can pop in the racing DVD that came with the bike. That should provide some inspiration!

Just need to stay hydrated and find that fan!