29 December, 2007

Trying to take advantage of a week away from work

It's been a full and hectic time, getting ready for Christmas festivities and hubby's birthday. Plenty of stress to go around for everyone, too.

My sleep cycle still isn't where I wish it was, but the Melatonin is helping. If I wake up before 3am, I go ahead and take one and it's good for 4 - 5 hours. Good thing I haven't had a need to get up before 8. Man, it's gonna make it difficult next week when I have to get back to work and the real world!

I have attempted to keep on my fitness schedule. Though this training program for the 5K has slipped more than I'd like to admit. We've had wet days and chilly days, I've had days of riding or running just to wheeze afterwards. It's supposed to get up to about 45F today, so I'm hoping to get out and do the 3rd workout of week 1. I put 60 minutes on the trainer on the 23rd and then went out and ran my first workout for the 5K. I put 45 minutes on the trainer on the 24th and then again on the 25th. Christmas was the day my Mom started to "coach" me and I nipped that quick!
The day after Christmas (hubby's birthday) I put approximately 35 minutes on the open road.

Had my first dog incident. Now, I've ridden this same route many times and not seen a dog that could/would chase me. This one was Lassie! Beautiful collie. I caught sight of it laying in the front yard across the road from me. I watched it sit up, look at me and stand and stretch. It then proceeded to bark, run, growl, and nip at my heels. Being the brave soul that I am, I screamed! I squirted my water bottle. All the while pedalling as fast as possible. Man, my heart was racing and then I started coughing. I had to stop riding and catch my breath and gain some composure from the coughing. I decided to turn around and head back, which of course meant I had to pass Lassie again. This time it ran with me, but not growling or nipping at my heels. I was so annoyed with myself for getting scared. I've never been afraid of a dog before in my life, ever! I think if I'd maintained my composure I wouldn't have had the coughing fit either and could've continued on my ride. I wheezed for sometime afterward.

The 27th I went out and did my 2nd workout for the 5K. It felt really good, better than the first one. However, I did begin wheezing about 30 minutes after my cool down and spent the next hour coughing. I put about 18 minutes on the trainer on the 28th. Probably should've just taken the day off. I had tightness in my lungs between my shoulder blades all day, felt like beginnings of bronchitis. Thank goodness it's gone now.

I got up this morning about 6 am, but couldn't seem to stay awake! I dozed off and on until 9. Guess I'm getting lazy being off a regular wake/sleep cycle during vacation. Of course those 2 pomegranite margaritas could've had something to do with it too. :-)

I put in a good 60 minute workout on the trainer this morning, though. Feel very good about it. If my energy level stays good, I think I'll go out and run #3.


Mz Diva said...

I give you much props for not only quitting smoking but getting on the workout train as well. That is my resolution for this year. More exercise, better diet, lose weight! I was up really late watching reruns of "Celebrity Fit Club" and when they started training, they could barely walk ap a few flights of stairs! I am ready to give it a try. When I read your stuff about running for long periods of time, I get inspired. Keep posting.

Sherri said...

Mz Diva, I hope to keep posting. Sorry to bore you all to tears with this stuff. This is something that helps to keep me a little sane and a little centered. I'm glad I can be a positive influence on someone.

Just get started, and start with little goals that build to bigger ones. I'm not running any marathons, at least not in '08 I don't think. But it would be nice to think I could ride a half centure or full century by end of summer. Those are 50 and 100 mile bike rides. Many are for charity and lots of people compete, too.