11 December, 2007

We were blessed with a beautiful day!

Now, there's something not quite right about having a 72F day on December 11. But Mother Nature smiled on us and that is exactly what we had today. The sun came out, though we still had clouds, those rays of light were glorious hitting my skin and eyes.

I've been trying to be very focussed on my new bike, on the trainer, and put down 60 minutes a day for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. This is after spending quite some time at 25 minutes, building to 30, 35, and finally 45 on Friday last week. I plan to stick with a minimum of 60 going forward, unless something prevents it. I look forward to this time. It's all mine. I can think or not. Mostly I get lost in the ride, is that meditation?

Today, I came home right after lunch, thinking I would put an hour on the open road. I was so excited! I've only been outdoors once and that was just the subdivision. Put the first 2.6 miles behind me and was feeling great. Turned back and found a 12 - 15 mph head wind in my face. Geez, it was difficult! I worked through the gears and found a comfortable place for the flat spots. As I began to come to the end of the second 2.6 I started to think I was just gonna head home. But thought I didn't want to quit yet. I hadn't been out that long and the day was so nice. I took Dawson Hill to the big bend and back for another 3 miles. Now the wind was blowing across me from side to side instead of at my face or back. I've never had the wind blow me around on a bike like that before! It was a bit scary! Like driving a high profile vehicle. Difference being, I didn't have any protection around me. :-)

I wasn't happy about the speed or how difficult it seemed. But, I had only gotten 4 hours sleep last night and ate a bologna sandwich for dinner. Don't think that was enough rest or fuel to have a great performance.

I think I'm hooked on this. When I finish a ride or a run (that's been too long now), I completely relish the burn I have in my legs. It feels so invigorating. Think that's the endorphin buzz that athletes get addicted to. You know what? I'm thrilled at being addicted to a naturally produced substance by my body. It's so much better than tobacco and nicotine.

We get rain for the next few days, so I'm sure we won't get much sunshine. That's okay, I know it'll be back soon and I had a wonderful time in it today!


maggie said...

So happy for you having such a beautiful day to get out there and enjoy to the fullest. Awesome!

Sherri said...

Oh Maggie! It was a cathartic experience.

Sherri said...

Oh Maggie! It was a cathartic experience.