16 December, 2007

Well well well

It's amazing what a few good hours of sleep will do for ya. I swear, the last few weeks (probably longer) I've been more sleep deprived than when the girls were babies (now this could be an exaggeration as that was decades ago).

It has a horrible affect on my ability to function properly. I felt like I was going to lose my mind a few times. My sis and friends were wonderfully supportive, I am one lucky girl!

I took the Melatonin Friday night at 7 fell asleep by 8 and didn't stir until 2 am. since I didn't want to be awake yet and my mind start going like crazy I took another Melatonin and slept til 8. I spent Saturday moving slowly and thinking about nonstressful things. Took another pill about 8 Sat night and fell asleep around 10. Woke up at 1 with my mind going 100 mph so I took another pill. Slept til 4, had a few nagging thoughts, but drifted back til 8. Hubby has been wonderful. He went to the grocery today and made chili tonight.

I did get a full 60 + minutes each day on the trainer, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday plus some core bldrs and such thrown in. I am so happy I bought this bike. No matter what bad stuff is happening, I get on it and the bad goes away, even if it's just temporary. My wardrobe is shrinking! Well, my body is shrinking and my wardrobe doesn't fit! Hope I have some money left for all those sales next week.

Now, because I have postponed the inevitable, this week will be each night shopping until I'm done. I've bought one gift. And the item was emailed to me on a link all I had to do was put in my credit card info. Oh yeah, my boss is in tomorrow thru Wednesday at lunch. It should be good. I have my year-end discussion and project plan for next year.

I miss the magic of Christmas. Without any little ones around, it's just not the same. Big sigh...


maggie said...

Glad you are getting some sleep, and maybe we can just trade clothes - you are shrinking, and I'm, um, the opposite ;)

Sherri said...

Oh Maggie! Neither of us smoke anymore, that's the best, most important thing!

We are successful women!