09 November, 2007

Hope to post something of interest soon

It's been a busy week. Not enough sleep, for sure. Not enough fitness either! Trish has agreed to run with me in the morning. I'm so happy, 'cause it's been 2 days!

They smoke everywhere and anywhere here. We took the clients out to dinner and then those that wanted to a bar for drinking last night. The bar smelled very bad. Several lit up as soon as we sat down. I had no desire to smoke at all. Which is a great thing! Drank too much and stayed out too late. Forgot to set my alarm, thank goodness my colleague called me at 8 and woke me. I made it to the meeting at 10 til 9, hungover, but no headache. Because I didn't smoke!

Tourist tomorrow! I'll write something interesting soon I hope.

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