10 November, 2007

What a great day and it's not over yet!

It's difficult to get past jetlag, especially when you've stayed up late due to insomnia and/or partying 2 nights in a row already. Worked in email past 1 and still didn't fall asleep til almost 2. Set the alarm for 7:40, but woke up before 7 and couldn't get back to sleep. Trish and I met a little past 8 am and went for a run this morning.

There is this hill that we've traversed several times to get back and forth to the meeting hotel. Just beyond and further down the hill is a very nice park. It's a nice incline coming back up, that I can't run yet, but kept up a brisk walking pace. We spent right around 25 minutes out there this morning. I would say I ran at least half of it, if not a little more. It is going to take me forever to get my bike legs back, I think. Not thrilled about that. Realised that I only have a little more 3 months to get ready for the 5K in March. My BFF is wanting me to do one on 17th. Not sure I'll make it due to jetlag coming home.
Once we got back and showered, we grabbed breakfast and took off. I needed cash, then we hailed a cab. Went to the open air market, which is mostly a flea market, but there are some nice souvenirs and deals mixed in. You just have to look! We walked and walked and found our way back to San Jorge's Castle. It was vey nice walking through, seeing the view in daylight and climbing the turrets and walls in the daytime. (We had dinner there Thursday night). It was after one so we grabbed a toastie, water and chips at a small cafe. Then we grabbed a cab and went to Belem. We saw a tower built on the water and a monument. Then we walked towards the main city along the water and worked our way over a walkbridge across a large boulevard with a train in the middle. We were wanting to see the President's Palace, but missed it as we were too far from the water and walked behind it.

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