27 November, 2007

Some Randomness while waiting for my new bike

I get to pick up my new bike tomorrow after work! I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.

So, I'm sitting here feeling like a big slug. It's that time of the month (which by the way needs to end 'cause it holds no useful purpose any longer).

I've sat here for the last 3 nights and craved and talked about having one of those new Dark Snickers or one of my favorites, Midnight Milky Way. Hubby has a bowlful of chocolate something or other ice cream every single night. He offers to fix me a bowl and I say "I'd love one, but no thank you".

When you stop smoking it is so easy to continue that hand to mouth motion with food instead of cigarettes. I used Dum Dums while I was on Chantix and for the next couple of weeks. I still grab at least one every day or so.

I drove to the little country store around 6:30, after I rode my stationary. I bought each one of those candy bars. I ate dinner and had one. I'm trying to convince myself I can't have 2 candy bars in one day!

I've been good and am working very hard to stay focussed on this fitness regimen. I don't think I'm totally overboard with watching what I eat, 'cause I am not going to give up my beer at night. Crazy, I choose beer over a second dark chocolate candy bar during that time of the month. Actually, I choose beer over most of the junk food I used to eat all of the time. :-)

Wish me luck, only 55 minutes til bedtime. This time tomorrow I'll have my new bike and placed on the trainer in my basement. I'm a lucky girl!

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maggie's mind said...

I've gained some and am not thrilled about it, but I just keep walking and keep trying to pay some attention to what I'm eating (even if I blatantly disregard my own warnings to self). It's awesome to hear how well you are doing at the whole deal!