13 November, 2007

First dinner in Lisbon last Tuesday

Well my colleague completely wigged out when my dinner arrived at the table. I had ordered the grilled fish. Seems a whole fish is common place in Europe (Portugal at least). These are pictures of my dinner upon arrival, and then once I'd almost finished. It was delicious.

Tonight in Warsaw we had Venison, Boar, and another game ( I don't remember!) along with dumplings, dill pickles, cabbage, fried goat cheese, lard (grease drippings with bits of meat) and bread, grilled veggies among other items I can't remember. It was absolutely delicious! I can not say it was healthy. I tried not to eat too much of anything. However, I had to taste it all. The main thing I noticed is there is not much of green vegetables except for peppers (bell).

I have to try the Coca Cola tomorrow before I leave. It is in the 6oz bottles and Pedro insists it is the original coke. Last coke I drank a few weeks ago I couldn't finish - was too sweet and flat tasting.

Okay - gotta run. See ya soon!

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