22 November, 2007

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

We spent the morning at home, with no need to rush, read the paper online, watched an old movie on TV, etc. Then I started cooking the one dish I made around 11:00.

The temps dropped all day, so I didn't try to get outside and run. I did get 6.8 miles on the stationary which felt good when I finished. Then I soaked in the jacuzzi.

It turned out to be a nice and quiet Thanksgiving for us. My sister hosted along with her 2 sons. Mom came, along with my brother and his youngest daughter and then hubby and me. No one else, neither of my 2 or my brother's 2 oldest. (Unbeknownst to me, I behaved badly before my trip to Europe and so my oldest is unhappy with me). Hubby texted the youngest happy turkey day wishes. She texted back that she was cooking a feast, her first turkey! I'm happy for her and sad for me that I missed not being there to witness it.

Today, I slept in til 8. Vegged online a bit and then rode my stationary. Temps didn't go past 40F today and started in low 30s. I took off a little after noon and went to a cycle shop. Talked to a friendly and knowledgeable young man about entry level road bikes. I started to order, but decided to come home and let it sink in overnight. Gonna get hubby to go with me in the morning and get it ordered. I need shoes and clipless pedals, look into a trunk rack for my car, and a training stand for riding indoors.

I stopped by Dick's Sporting Goods, thinking I'd purchase some running/riding gear for cold weaterh. Geez! The top was $49.99 and the pants were $49.99 on sale. I think I'm shopping online a little later. I do want to have warm clothes that wick away the sweat and moisture from the skin, but $100 and still not have your ears or hands covered and not thinking about a windbreaker or hoodie, too! I don't care to make any fashion statements. I mean, I'm gonna be sweating and huffing and puffing for goodness' sake.

:-) I'm terribly excited about getting a nice bike to ride. Weather is supposed to be back close to 60F next weekend! They said if we get everything ordered, all should be here by the weekend. Wouldn't that be just perfect?!

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