28 October, 2007

I love sunshine

It makes all the difference in the world for my attitude, outlook on life, etc.

I wanted to get up and run this morning, but just wasn't to be. I started waking up about 4 o'clock every 30 minutes or so til 6:30 when I finally relaxed enough to fall back asleep and didn't get up til 8:30. Not sure why, but my lungs were full of wheeze, must be allergies and still cleaning out the tar and crud. It was 10 before they were clear. So, I didn't even try to run. I'm a slacker. :-(

Went out about 11:30 to get on the bike and ride. Chain was off, fixed that. Front tire was low, air compressor isn't here it's on the job site. Rode the bike up to the Pantry to fill the tire, their air tank is out of order, so I rode back home. Not a smart thing to do, ride on a soft tire. It takes a lot of extra effort/work to keep it in motion.

So, I load the bike in the pickup truck and go into town. Find a station where the air tank is working and fill both tires. (I need to get a hand pump for my tires and a diddy bag to keep it in and hang from my saddle.) Then I go to Mom's. She needs her furnace filter changed (she bought the wrong size!) and then I look at her PC again. I tell her that it's going to have to be replaced. She doesn't think so. I decide against arguing and I say my good-byes and leave. No sense in prolonging the agony, right?

Finally, I make it home and the bike is ready, it's now 2:30. I put in 12 miles in about 55 minutes. I was very slow the first 30+ minutes, just not as much oomph in my legs as I'd hoped for. Also had about a 15 mph head wind for a lot of that 30. At last, I catch my stride. I start feeling very good, I'm heating up, take off the windbreaker and tie it round my waist. The wind dies down. I take a few pictures. It's hard to believe we still have so much green in the trees. It's also hard to believe how good my roses look. We're supposed to have a freeze tonight, so I'm sure this is it for peak colour and my rose will start suffering too.
Big Duh, double duh - it's Sunday night and I realise, I was so slow because I was on the hardest big sprocket! I've been riding on the middle one til the ride captain yesteday had me change it. I never shifted it on the hills! I feel a bit better now. ;-)

I'm so happy the sun was shining brightly. If it was overcast like yesterday, I would've stayed inside, eaten things that weren't good for me, and felt guilty about all of it. Still, I should put in a few hours of work, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I already gave up some of my day off on Friday. Looks like long days this week.

p.s. I wish I had a magic wand sometimes. My Sis is having a hellish travel day with some added complications. Sure would like to make something good happen for her. Tomorrow is supposed to be her and my hubby's quit date. Send some good thoughts their way if you can.

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