25 October, 2007

So now back to my happy self! Well, not yet but soon!

Sorry for that depressing post. Not sure I can put any smiles on faces today, won't even try.

I think part of my problem is that I've gotten out of sync with my fitness routine. I've only run one time in over 2 weeks. I rode Sat, Sun and Mon. I've been sedentary since. My quit buddy, BFF, told me to get back on the stationary bike tonight. I had every intention, but wound up working late and then ate supper. A frozen fish thingy on white bread, Yum! not

Instead, I'm going to have a beer. Stretch out on the couch and veg in front of the TV. Get my arse up in the morning and get out in the neighborhood and do a run. Taking tomorrow off, but have to hold a call with my boss early. Then get outside and ride for lunch. And if I'm lucky, hubby and I will take in a matinee. Hmm, wonder what's good on the big screen? I need to check it out.

I have a friend that's joining me for a ride on Saturday morning. I am so very excited! We're going to WaterFront Park downtown. They've built bike and hiking trails that follow the river.

I feel so much better when I'm getting out there. It's the best for your attitude and outlook on life. I will focus on getting back to it tomorrow, over the weekend and through next week.

Problem is, I'll be traveling from 5 - 15 November in Europe. Now I have to be creative to find a way to stay on some kind of routine!

Til next time! Give some good stuff y'all


maggie's mind said...

I've been working through my walks and can't wait until things simmer down enough that I can get back to it. It does make a difference.

Sherri said...

you know, it sucks when work gets in the way of fitness. there should be a better balance.