27 October, 2007

A heart to heart and a nice long bike ride

Friday was a good day all in all. I took the day off, well except for an hour call with my boss and some email before lunch. I went out for a 12 mile ride at lunchtime. It was overcast for the first 15 minutes and then came the glorious sunshine. Hubby worked in the morning and came in just about the time I finished my ride.

We grabbed a quick bite, cleaned up and went for a matinee. Enjoyed the movie, Michael Clayton. We then went to dinner, where I broached the dreaded subject. We talked, got defensive, ate our dinner, kissed our oldest as she was our server and left for home, it was a quiet drive. Once home, we were on different floors for a little while. I went to him and said we've got to finish this. In the end, we both have different views, we both love each other. We know our relationship will never be like it was, can't be. But there is too much to keep, hang on to, sweat equity, to throw it away. And once we retired for the night, make-up sex! I love when that happens. There is just something about it that makes it so much sweeter than other times.

I got up and out this morning. Met a friend at the Waterfront on the Ohio for an organised ride with the Louisville Bicycle Club. We rode 18 miles in about 70 or 75 minutes. Funny, everyone there had their gear and nice road bikes. I stood out like a sore thumb. :-) Which is just fine with me for now. The newbie is easy to spot! I'm so glad Jennifer agreed to go with me. Not that I couldn't or wouldn't go alone, but it was nice to have someone familiar at least the first time. Everyone was very nice and helpful. Our route started east of Tumbleweed on the River and headed west to Main Street and into Portland. Portland is a grand old neighborhood full of character. We went through Shawnee Park and headed back.

Jennifer said if I had clips and a lighter bike I would be riding at 16-17 mph easy. We'll see, a decent, inexpensive bike starts about $500. What I need is a headband to keep my ears warm and gloves for my hands. I have to work through the right clothing, though it was breezy and cool at the beginning of the ride, I warm up rather quickly. Think I need to look into a new saddle, long padded bike pants, shirt that wicks away moisture and a sleeveless windbreak. I could invest a ton of money into this without blinking an eye! Next time I need to have proper dry clothing for the drive home. I caught a chill fairly quickly once I got a few miles down the road.

The weather started out at 52F for the beginning of the ride at 10am and didn't get past 58F this afternoon. Stayed overcast all day and never saw the sun, but no rain thank goodness.

Tomorrow, the sun is supposed to shine. So, I intend to get out and try a run early. (This I need to do, 'cause it's been too long since I've been in a regimen for the running.) Then put about 14 biking miles on my rural roads during church.

Here's to a super Sunday and another win tonight for the Sox!


maggie's mind said...

Sherri, glad to hear that things are sounding better. I totally understand wanting to buy new stuff when I start a new hobby, even if it's a good and healthy one.

Lonna said...

Well written article.