01 March, 2009

2 weeks til the first Spring race

I am not ready! spun easy on Friday for an hour. Was awake past 1:00 am Saturday morning so sent a text saying I wouldn't be making the 8 am ride. I just can't ride for 3 hours on less than 5 hours of sleep. I could've, but then I wouldn't have been able to hang at all.

Wound up riding the yellow lot 35 miler. The Polar Bear dip was taking place just down River Road an hour and a half later than our ride start. It was a cold and windy day. People say I'm crazy for riding my bike in these temps. I say those people jumping in the Ohio river in 35F are insane! I don't care if it is, jump in, jump out, dry off, and warm up. brrrrrrrrrrrr As we were waiting to see if any more cyclists would show we are watching all these spectators parking and tailgating. It's 10 am. Any reason for a party.

There were 6 of us, me being the only female, again. Only 5 did the full ride. I kept trying to back off and stay with the guys, but through 7th street seemed I was always in front. Mike finally warmed up and took off. I tried to keep his wheel, but kept losing it along the way to Shawnee. Somewhere heading back downtown we pretty much rode together the rest of the way. The other three were a good 5 minutes behind. The wind was fierce until we started up Iroquois hill. I felt stronger than ever going up it. At the top there didn't seem to be much wind at all, which I thought was very odd. Coming down, we found the wind again and I swear it felt like the temp dropped 5 degrees by the bottom. Riding back was fun and always love the hill at Cardinal Stadium! Somewhere on Jackson the sleet started. At first I thought it was cinder or something, because it stung! Sleet hitting your face with a headwind while on the bike is not exactly fun times.

We held our kit-ordering party Saturday night. Very nice evening, spending time with new friends and making more. Lots of tri-athletes and marathoners as well as cyclists. I'm so excited, but need to be patient as it will take 6 weeks for them to arrive. Maybe I will order a t-shirt that I can wear over base layers for the first races.

Today was a ladies ride, 5 of us again, all Rogue! Oli coached us the whole way. I had a tough time from Tom Sawyer to Long Run for some reason. It was cold and my breathing was labored. My right IT band started screaming again! We finally get to the course and do a hot lap. Well they do a hot lap and I flounder up the damn hill. Regroup and Oli is going to do 3 laps steady state, race pace. I got a great start out of the blocks and was sprinting like mad. Then somewhere early on the ascent they all passed me. My right hip is hurting and I keep saying too bad. The wind was even more fierce. At one point as you come out of a turn and hit another incline and it's smack in your face. I got to the end of the second lap and stop. Got off the bike and walked out my hip a bit. Then tried to hide behind a SUV from the wind so I wouldn't get too cold. Oli does a 5th warm/cool down lap and we regroup and head back. Guess I finally got warm, 'cause the ride back felt great. The wind was still there and at one point I thought I was going to have to stop, but decided to scream, "give us more Mother Nature!". She did. One car buzzed me and I think I caught the others off guard when I screamed at the woman driver, "3-feet buddy".

After today I'm thinking I'm not ready for this race, period. But I'm still gonna do it. Finish is the goal. Same as September KY Senior Games. There are many women that I will not come close to and that is ok. 2nd race, I need more experience!

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