05 March, 2009

Too much, too little...

It was cold and windy over the weekend and I had two hard rides. As I get closer to race day I think my bud is spot on about not getting enough time in the saddle. At least not enough to be competitve. Though, did say that I've come a long way considering.

Had a hard workout on Tuesday at Trainer tours. They were supposed to end last week but since we've missed some with bad weather AB extended through this week. I spun easy last night. Planning on hill repeats in a little while and then the last Trainer Tour at 7 with free pizza after. Only drawback to the day is a call at 10 tonight. :-(

Temps have warmed to the sixties today. Are supposed to hit the 70s over the weekend. Lots of wind, but Mother Nature will always throw something our way, right? Looking forward to getting in some miles on Sat and Sunday. Hope I can throw in a few more hills too.

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