08 March, 2009

Too early for Spring fever?

I mean, it's March 8th. But yesterday Mother Nature looked kindly upon us in Louisville. 75F and sunny! It didn't get below 60F over night.

I joined Oli, Paul, Michael, and Jason for breakfast at Oli and Paul's house. We ate and the rode across the bridge to Sellersburg. From there we met up with some of the team bag balm guys. Great company and very nice scenic ride out in the countryside. Buffalo roaming, frogs croaking, very little automobile traffic and birds were singing. The wind was still fierce at 20 mph most of the time. I don't think we ever had a tailwind. I knew to put on my sunscreen, but my forehead and nose are very pink today. One application isn't enough I guess. :-( I forgot my hr sensor, so didn't get to measure that. We rode 65 miles and I averaged 15 mph, which is all I wanted. We rode fairly fast on the way to Sellersburg. Oli had a flat tire on the bridge and we didn't want to miss the beginning of the ride. I met several new people, all very nice and willing to give pointers. We traded stories about how we get started riding, how long, etc. Caroline commented about my stopping smoking, saying it is a good story to tell. :-)

There is a time trial this morning in Shelby Country. Would've like to have gone, just to see how I'm coming along, but today was taking Mom to church. Doesn't look good for a ride later, they are calling for rain at ride time. I'll probably through on the running shoes and go for 30 minutes. I've been thinking of doing the Tuesday Night worlds, being my last hard effort before the race on Sat. Looks like rain will spoil that plan. If that's the case, I'll have to settle for intervals on the trainer, again. pooh!

Several other developments going on, but will wait a while longer before posting here.

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