12 March, 2009

Tuesday Worlds

So I left work and headed straight to the park. Aired and geared up and took a warm up lap, up Dog hill and Hogan's then around toward's Seneca. All it took was Dog hill to get the lactic acid built up in my quads, but had most of it worked out by the time I arrived at Cycler's. I didn't count, but there were at least 30 to show up. Tracy, Oli and I were the only women to ride. Teams represented were Texas Roadhouse, Bolla, Barbisol, Humana, Twin Spires, BC/TL and Rogue.

There was a full moon on Tuesday and the temps were about 78F at ride start. I was happy that I almost made through the park before I got dropped the first time. Amazed the I hung with them up the hills. I chased through the neighborhoods between Seneca and St. Matthews Ave before I caught up with them, thank goodness for traffic lights. Got dropped fairly quickly on Rudy lane, caught back at Brownsboro Rd. One more drop on Blankenbaker, though I kept them in sight quite a ways. I was flying down Blankenbaker about 32 mph, but couldn't catch them at River Rd. Perry joined us on his fixie. That man can spin! I hung on his wheel best I could.

Glad I was in the back. There were two mishaps on River Road. I only saw the aftermath. Perry and I pulled off at the second one as there were several stopped. I took off again, tried my best to grab a wheel, but those headwinds were tough. Webguy came around and said, "grab hold!" which I did for a few hundred feet. Again the headwinds pushed me back. Those guys were squirrely, lots of testosterone. I can only imagine how intense it gets as people pick up their fitness over the next months.

There are 5 Cat 1/2/3 women racing on Saturday and 9 Cat 4s. As someone said, I'll finish in the top ten! :-) Just need the experience. Only expectation is to hopefully finish.

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