21 March, 2009

Race day #2

Started out by taking a whole benedryl last night at bed time. Woke up, ate oatmeal and took a half a benedryl. Packed the car and met the ladies at 10 am. The plan was to take another half benedryl when we arrived in Lex. I forgot :-( By the time remembered is was 20 before start time. The morning was cool and had some winds whistling around the course. Temps were low 40s and skies were cloudy and grey. We rode the outside of the course to get a feel for it while races were taking place inside the loop.
15 minutes before race time I realise how warm it's gotten, so I change my long sleeve jersey to the short sleeve, but still wear a compression knit jacket and tights.

Long story not so short, I hung the first two laps. The loop was listed at 1.2 miles, my puter registered more. It was a gradual uphill on the start/finish side. Once at the top of the hill it bore right and levelled out. Then a sharp right turn and downhill baby! I had it up to 30 mph at one point. I still suck on hills. May always suck on hills. I keep thinking I should just have taken the downhills and gone with the wind when I could. The undulation in a group is what wears me down. Sometimes there's breaking, even on the downhills. What's with that? They attacked on the uphill and I hung twice, third time just shot out the back. My own fault.

They said they would put up a sign with # of laps remaining and I kept looking for it. Finally, on lap 5, the rest lap me. Talk about depressing, but I knew it was coming. It had to. I'm just thrilled it was only one and not two. :-) Beginning lap 6 the sign is up with 4 to go. ARGHHHHH I looked at my puter and I'd just completed 21 minutes. this was to be a 35 minute race, it took me 40 to complete. I tell myself, "you are over halfway there". "You can do this". My lungs are starting to fill and try desperately to relax. Focus on exhaling. Take a drink. Blow the nose. Relax the shoulders and focus on the legs going up and down, up and down.

Several people on the sidelines were yelling my name, cheering me on. It was quite motivating. I tried to keep positive thoughts and shuned the negative as long as I could.

It took an hour after the race finished to stop wheezing and coughing. I took a half benedryl once back to the car. Taking a whole one now. Have a 8 o'clock Rogue ride in the morning, so hoping to rest sound and easy.

I have a lot of work to do, a whole lot. And it's all good. I love riding and enjoy all the people I've met riding. Peace

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