31 March, 2009

Another exciting day in the life

I hit the snooze until 5:55, get up, fix a bowl of 5 minute oatmeal (no microwave stuff for me!), dress, put my clean bike gear in the car and take off for the day. Driving down Route Rd, listening to 84 WHAS and all of a sudden the face of this dear is looking at me through the windshield. Not time to think or react, THUD. A knot rose up my throat and I felt like throwing up. I'd been booking about 50 mph. Quickly I gather my wits, slow down, and pull over. Put on my flashers, get out of the car and walk to the back and look behind me. There's nothing in the road and I don't see a deer anywhere. I walk around the passenger side and to the front. The headlight is busted and the bumper dented.

What's funny is, the whole time I'm driving on to work I'm thinking how I should be all wanting a cigarette. Stressful event, right? nah, I felt sick to my stomach and the thought of tobacco smoke in my system too just made it worse. YES!!!! So much more free than I was before.

The rest of the day was calling the bodyshop, work, insurance company, work, taking my car to the shop, getting picked up and taken to the rental car place, renting a car, going back to work. Other events are happening, my brother calls and says Mom has been scammed.

So much more tell, but it's late and I'm pooped. Hoping to get out to Shelby county right after work tomorrow and ride the road course we are racing on Sunday. 66F and sunny should make for a nice 20 or 30 mile ride I'm hoping.

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