20 March, 2009

Benedryl to the rescue?

I hope it is. I took a half a caplet about 9:30 this morning and everything dried up very quickly. Since I eat numerous times throughout the day I wasn't worried about getting too sleepy. I realised about 3:45 that I hadn't taken any more and so I took another half. I've had a coughing spell here and there but all in all am breathing easy.

I'll take a whole one at bedtime and another half as soon as I get up. Tomorrow is criterium in Lexington. Dry day in the forecast with a high of 60. Much different from last Saturday, however more is blooming and getting greener with each day.

Tomorrow's goal is to keep the lungs working and ride to the finish line. Haven't gotten nearly enough time on the bike to think I can do more. There's a 70 mile ride at sunrise on Sunday morning I want to join. Have to get through tomorrow first! :-)

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