19 March, 2009

Asthma reared it's nasty head again

Went to Long Run Park for the first race in the Spring Series. Rain and 36F were the conditions. Rain was steady for the hour leading up to the women's race and during. I warmed up by riding out of the park for a bit and then jumped on the trainer. We were all soaked to the bone well in advance of the start. I was feeling good and got out of the blocks very well and fast, passing numerous women before cresting the hill. As I hit the backside and the gradual uphill I lost momentum (as is typical) and was passed by many. We came around and I pushed up the hill crossing the start line and sprinted to the top again. When I hit the backside on the 2nd lap my lungs shut down. It was like a wall was at my breast bone and no air would go deeper. I tried relaxing, slowing my spin, shifting to easier gears, long slow deep breaths, but nothing was working. I'd taken 2 puffs on the inhaler 40 minutes before I started exerting on the warm up. Didn't have it on my body for the race, but left it in the car. Needless to say I abandoned the race, which I am not proud of or happy about.

Tuesday, I rode worlds, got my arse handed to me and had some sniffles and cough but nothing problematic.

Last night I went to the park to ride and within 15 minutes the asthma started again. I was wheezing and choking and miserable, but the legs felt great! I signed up for Saturday's race, but am worried that I'll have another attack. Need to think seriously about what I can do, maybe benedryl at bedtime Friday night. I'm just not sure. I've not had issues for over a year like I have Sunday and Wednesday.

Crossing my fingers

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