25 March, 2009

Always something

It's been a good ride for the last 20 months of going tobacco free, in a physical sense. I am so much more fit, though I still have work to do. It's also been a roller coaster, because going through a lifestyle change also affects your emotional well being and relationships with others. On a personal level I've learned quite a lot about myself and a few other people, too.

I now know much of my disappointment is my own doing. I had the preconcieved ideas of how people would respond in certain situations. That doesn't happen. The nice thing about tonight is that all these small events took place and normally would have triggered a "I want a cigarette" response, Didn't Happen! woo hoo

I rode Tuesday Night Worlds last night. Fun and hard workout. Had a couple of the guys giving me tips through the park. Nice people. I made it to Rudy Lane before being dropped. bitched myself out all the way to River Road. Flew down Blankenbaker but have misplaced my puter, so I am riding blind. Probably the best thing too.

Not sure what I'll work in for the weekend. Will ride tomorrow if it's not pouring. Need to work in some other tasks, too. No races this weekend, but a road race next weekend. will be different from the last 2 weekends of racing. Nice to have a week of rest in between.

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maggie's mind said...

So good to hear, Sherri, that the automatic wanting a cigarette response just isn't responding that way. It continues to get easier for me, too, the not smoking thing. Now I need to get back to some semblance of working out...