03 October, 2011


or be present, stay in the moment. I tend to drift more that I like to admit. When I do, things don't work out so well. I miss what someone is saying or maybe even that someone is interested. Saturday, I didn't use my fast acting inhaler (Proventil) 30 minutes before race time. BIG oops. I always take two puffs before a hard workout. Saturday morning KT says the announcer told the audience it was 37F at my start time. BRRRRR

So, being the mouth breather I am, suck in cold air like mad. By 3/4 into the first lap at GearFest one huge asthma attack hits me in the chest like a prize fighter. I could not get enough oxygen. I felt like a fish out of water, mouth gaping open trying to push out air so more would come in. I stopped, twice to just relax. I didn't quit, but I almost did. Then the old self motivation power talk kicked in. You can do this, you will not DNF. So what if you are DFL, this is CX. Your lunds are going to burn no matter what. I was completely shocked that I was not DFL. I hope I learn this lesson. It seems to repeat too often for me. I carry at least 2 or 3 at all times. They don't work if you don't use them!

The course at GearFest was new. Flat, with some off camber, but just mostly a flat, roadie course. 

I learned my lesson for Sunday. When Sunday arrived I was glad that I carry all those spares.Two friends did not have theirs. There was a light frost and the temp was 36F at start time. They were welcome to use mine.

John Bryan was my first CX race ever in November 2009. A memory that will stay with me for a very long time. This year they changed the start to a grass, false flat, that slowly rose uphill for maybe 600 yards (my distance estimate is probably WAY off) Previous years saw a start on the road, still uphill but pavement is more forgiving than spongy grass. I had a nice effort on the hole shot, maybe 2nd? My riding was good, not lightning fast, but good handling. My running/barriers stinks. That needs bigtime work. One competitor said "on your left" at one point, just as I was accelerating out of a turn. I kept going and went into the next turn. Eventually, she passed me on an uphill straightaway behind registration, but I wasn't going to give it to her. I finished 6 of 11 or 12. I coughed a bit and my quads were screaming from riding that false flat 3 times. I was hungry so changed and went to find waffles. I missed most of the kids races but got some podium pics. They are so much fun to watch ad cheer for. 

I missed most of the rest of the races, because I decided I might as well jump in the Elite Master's women's race. I was there, I wasn't totally spent. It would be a good workout. HAH and it was. I started at the very back. Didn't feel too bad about the hole shot, wound up some where between halfway and 2/3s. But man, that took most of my matches and my quads were going to scream for the duration. This was fine. I just kept getting further and further behind, but coached myself along. "You can suffer through this, its only 40 minutes". The men started lapping me on my third lap. I did not want to be a factor in anyone elses race result. I got to the sand pit and rode it, until then end when my front wheel hit the end of the pit with a thud and I fell to the left into the tape. My left calf muscle seized and I couldn't get up for what seemed like minutes. Men were passing me like crazy. At long last I get up, get on my bike and take off. I rode as hard as I could to the finish and signaled I was done. It was only seconds when Niki passed through after that.

A lot of people screamed and cheered for me in the Elite race. And it helped. I've had several people say some very nice things about me jumping in that race. It's an extra $10, I was there and needed more than 30 minute race for my legs. I got it. My legs were still unhappy tonight during the recovery ride with RZ kids. Those kids drop me even on recovery rides!!!  but they and their parents are great. I'm so glad I can ride with them. I learn plenty from them. Yesterday one of them asked me about the Elite race. Before I could say the first word, she says "I don't want to hear you say anything negative about yourself". So I said, I am crazy for racing that one, but I like crazy. and I do like crazy. I don't want to be all conservative and safe all of the time. I'm riding and racing bikes and loving life.

I need to figure out how to keep focus and be present on a more regular basis. I don't want to miss out on meeting that special person because I'm ditsy.  :)  

I wonder how Sunday will go, and if I am brave enough to do another double race day.  Have to see how it unfolds I reckon.

Enjoy your week!


p.s. A big shout out to all of my women friends that race each weekend. You ROCK!!! I love cheering them on, even when I'm in the same race. It's exciting to see the numbers grow at the startline. good times

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