10 October, 2011

Gun Club and sundries

A friend joined me for the ride to Miamisville (I think that's right). Up at 5 am on a Sunday morning and in the car by 6:30 to drive 2+hours for a 30 minute race. Yes people this is cyclocross madness! And I love it!

Gun Club is a gun club. There are shot gun shells and broken clay pigeons everywhere. Each race starts with a gun shot. It's unique and great fun! The course is always challenging. It mixes mtn bike hill climbing, bike handling skills and fast roadie straightaways. There is single track, double track, double sand pit, off camber, gravel, and this year just enough wet, greasy mud and grass to make things interesting. The Cat 4 women had a huge field of 34 women. Unheard of even last year. I had a decent (not wonderful) call up and when the gun went off I passed several women and was in 9th place as we passed the start/finish for the first time. I was riding well, breathing was good and legs felt great. Even the barriers were ok on the first lap. I had pre-ridden before the Men's Cat 4 master's and knew what to expect. The straight aways were big ring all out mashing, but going from gravel onto wet, slick grass was tricky. Had to slow down before the turns. I was feeling great, got to the 2 option creek and opted for the 1st turn. This was a sharp right so I dismounted and took my bike straight across the creek and kept running (ha ha) up the hill. This is a fairly massive runup. It was all chewed up and I wished I'd had my long toe spikes. I reached the apex and took my bike another 15 to 20 feet before mounting. Yeah. I didnt get clipped in, my butt didn't get on the saddle and I was moving downhill faster than I could control. Finally I got the bike stopped long enough to get on the saddle and go. By that time 12 women had passed me. So disappointing! I worked to get back in the game and I passed a couple of women. I worked extra hard on the straightaways but after the barriers et al I got to the wet and muddy back side and somehow slid out in a place that I wasn't too concerned about. More women passed me. By the time I got to the start/finish for the 3rd time to start my 3rd and final lap 2 single speeders passed me and I was pulled from the race. bummer

But it was a good day. I got to cheer on some friends in the Cat 4 master's and a lot of the kids in the Jr race.

We headed back early. I wanted to see my youngest, if at all possible. I was persistent and so happy to have a solid ten minutes or so to talk and get/give some good kisses and hugs.

I rode an easy recovery tonight. Ran into a few people at EB. One woman came over and talked for a few. She asked what happened on Sunday. Said her goal is to pass me. Wow, that was something i never expected to hear. Well she did pass me when I slid out and she got to do that 3rd and final lap.  good times  :)

special event tomorrow. My sis and i visited some assisted living places for my mom on Saturday. put a bark collar on Mom's dog. She doesn't bark much now. thank goodness. Not easy decisions to make. Lots of change. Some stress too. Thank goodness I ride a bike!

Some friends went down on a club ride yesterday. Two went to the hospital. Sending Hi-vibrations and much love their way

Enjoy these warm days Mother Nature has given us! 


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