30 October, 2011

Oct 30, 2011

Got to the venue in plenty of time, had all my stuff, pre-rode, registered, warmed up, felt great, lungs were good the whole time, mechanical about midway through, everyone passed me, I picked a few people off. Not my best day, but I felt like I was riding strong. Was third at the hole shot. This is CX. Someday I'd like to put together good lungs, good legs and no mechanicals. We'll see.

Lots of good racing today. The women are all getting stronger and faster. I love lining up with them. Good camaraderie out there for sure. Amazed at Niki, racing the Elite women's race as a warm-up for the Elite men's race. Something to aspire to.  in.my.dreams. 

Lots of good pics and vids out there from today. Hope I can check them all out tomorrow night.

Mom isn't happy "being shuffled". I don't blame her, but it's so obvious that she does not need to be alone day after day. I feel like we ended up on a good note tonight, hope she does too. 

Have a great week ahead! Next weekend is 3 days of racing then back here for  2 days of USGP Derby City cup.


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