29 October, 2011

Storm the Greens tomorrow

I'd like to think there could be a home court advantage. But there are plenty of local ladies in my race. 

What I hope for: good lungs, best warm up yet, strength on the straightaways, guts on the hills and drops, and lots of painful fun.

It's been a full day. Course setup was great with many many people there to help out. It went well and by 3:00 people were able to get on the course. I got to see a few out of towners pre-riding as well, from Dayton and Cincy. It's a tough course to be sure. Hat's off to Bobrow for designing it.

Mom has gone to bed. Think it's time for me to shut down and crack the book for a while.

I don't have a costume for tomorrow, my only regret. Just not feeling creative.

Race well everyone! All the best to all of my CX and MTN bike buddies where ever you race/ ride tomorrow. Looks like Mother Nature is being kind once again and providing plenty of opportunity for some Vitamin D absorption.


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