28 October, 2011

differing perspectives

I brought Mom to my place today for the week. We made a few stops; bank, grocery, Subway, drug store for her cigarettes. Carry in her things and grocerys, put grocerys away and begin to change into my kit. I sit down and eat half of my sandwich while she eats hers. She asks where I'm going to ride and I explain where the course/park is located (I've explained it many times). I told her that tonight is just an easy ride with the kids and I'll be home in no time. Tomorrow I will help setup the course with stakes and such and pre-ride again. Then race on Sunday. The whole time she is talking about how cold it is outside and do I have enough on.  Yes, Mom once I start pedaling I warm up quickly. Then she asks "what if it snows?" To which I respond; "this is cyclocross, we ride no matter the weather unless there's lightning. Mom I rode in the snow and ice last December in Bend." She gasps, shakes her head and goes to watch TV.

I have a late start leaving the house. I get to Eva Bandman and start looking for the group. Here they come so I jump on the end of their train. They've tweaked the course. I follow and notice only two kids are there but about 10 adults. They drop me, but I don't mind today is active recovery for an hour. Then I notice some of the course is different. They have changed it from Wednesday. So I try really hard to stay on for the next lap so I can see what's what. The changes seem to be for the better. Took out one place of possible trouble with two-way traffic, so it is safer. Changed one of the sand (more of a mound than a pit) to a longer and curved ride. I had a terrible time with it. We all rode it and rode it and rode it. Finally I change my gearing and I could make it all the way through. I made it through twice. But I was ready to cool down a bit and ride home by then. I'm sure when there's a lot of traffic most of us will be slugging our way through that sand, walking/running whatever it takes.

Farmer's market tomorrow, tweak my bike, setup course, pre-ride, fix a nice hot supper to be determined and get a good night's rest are all on tomorrow's agenda. I'd love to have Mom come watch me race, but she freezes sitting in the living room with her jacket on. Just not meant to be I think.

The weather forecast looks pretty good for the weekend. Race time will be cold, but I'm good with that. 

Side note, picked up my Cervelo today. I've borrowed a compact drive train so I can start training on some hills when I'm not training for CX. I have some mountains to climb in February. The goal is to improve climbing hills this winter so I can do a much better job on the mountain bike next spring and summer.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Allison said...

Good luck to you this weekend. I am so looking forward to returning to Tucson and getting back on the bike. Hope you have a great race and you're happy with your results.