15 October, 2011


parents age, some fair better than others. some have health and mental capacity well beyond 80, others begin to suffer from physical ailments much sooner maybe as early as 30s or 40s and the there is the mental frailty that sets in

watching your parent(s) go through this is painful and no fun and so difficult. fear sets in then anger and so many other emotions and that's just mine. I can only imagine what my Mom is going through with losing her eyesight, not able to remember some things, dealing with halucinations.

then I watch friends stuggle with relationships. so many variations on a theme. and then I find myself being envious even when the relationship is less than desirable and most likely won't survive. 

I watch my children struggle and wish I could do more. but know they need to do most of this themselves for it to be meaningful and everlasting

struggle is what life is

smile when you can and then it doesn't seem quite so difficult



Judi said...

you are a great daughter, a great mom, you have an amazing life, bikes galore, friends that love you, so much to be grateful for. make yourself a gratitude list right now. just ten things. i love ya.

Sherri said...

Judi I am grateful for many many things

it's ok to struggle. Easy is for losers :)