24 October, 2011

STG or MTB decisions decisions

No decision before Thursday, to be sure. Storm the Greens has some big challenges. The course is different than what we've been riding at Eva Bandman. It is CHALLENGING. with  a lot of sweeping turns and ups and downs. UPS and DOWNS. It is a lot of fun to ride. It will kick my big fat arse to make no mistake! 

I'm torn though. There is still a lot of CX to race between now and Jan 15 or so. Maybe I should continue this mini hiatus and do this mtn bike race on Sunday. It will rain Wednesday and Thursday here. Maybe more. The weekend will be very cool at my race time. No decisions only contemplation.

I rode the course for the first time tonight. I did 4 or 5 laps. It was supposed to be a recovery ride. I like the course a lot. I wish I had better running legs. But I can ride the climbs, the stairs might be another story. 

I have time to decide. 

Tonight has been such wonderful weather. Warm temps for sitting out doors. Sipping on a beer or two.

peace to you

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