30 January, 2010

Warsaw - part 2

This morning began with an early walk to the gym. It had snowed again overnight and a very few people were beginning to clean the sidwalks, spreading sand and salt mixture and sweeping. I started out about seven thirty. There are many dog lovers in Warsaw and one small dog that was not on a leash decided to run and bark at me. It reminded me of riding in JMF weekend before last, but I don't know how to say "good boy" in Polish. I'm glad he didn't nip, too. It is the same everywhere. Some people control their pets and others do not.

Alas, the gym didn't open until nine and I had to be back by nine thirty. The internet was getting corrected at the apartment. I've had wonderful hosts taking me out, helping me exchange money, and today touring Old Town.

Tonight I went back to Old Town by myself and had dinner in a very nice restaurant. Roast duck with apples and potatoes (and another dish I can't remember the name, but is the color of beets) as well as the Polish beer Zywiec (of couse says the waiter) and began with a nice salad of tomatoes and mozzarella. The pianist sat down and began playing songs familiar from my youth. Nat King Cole's Unforgettable. Then Beethoven and later My Funny Valentine.Two gentlemen sit at the table across from me. They order in English but converse in German. How cosmopolitan Warsaw has become. Full of expats. It still amazes me when I sit with colleagues that have varied native language and we all do business in English. I truly wish I had stuck with my French. Maybe I will get Rosetta and learn Polish seems it might be helpful

The walk down from Universitek was brisk but beautiful as Christmas lights are still bright along the streets.
Lots of time to think tonight. I have plenty on my mind with work, daughters, personal things like friendships, future, and reflecting on why homesickness got to me yesterday. Not sure why I have such a difficult time being solo. Maybe not so difficult but keep thinking how nice it would be to share this with someone special.

Tomorrow morning, the gym and then some work and then shopping for a few mementos and gifts.


Judi said...

i love following your pix on FB!

Sherri said...

I'm glad you are enjoying them. I'm a horrible photographer, but I figured out how to move them off the blackberry with the usb cable finally. takes me a while for some things...

Winstunsmith said...

Was the beet-colored dish perhaps borscht? Just wondering. Thanks for sharing this!


Sherri said...

Winstun - I do not remember the menu saying borscht, but it is possible as I was drunk with all the sights and cold and adventurous exhiliration of exploring a city all alone.

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