18 January, 2010

Hours, Miles, Dogs, Brakes

5 hours, 60 miles, 3 dogs may mean new brakes for the Felt.

I had no takers for this ride. I have been wanting to get back out there. It's been 6 months since I crashed. Several other attempts wound up getting cancelled.

I was slow as molasses. The weather people said due to fog there could be ice on roadways. I had planned to leave for this ride about 9:30, watched the club ride get cancelled and moved back my start time to 11:00. I'm glad I did. Pavement was wet many places once on Southern Pkwy and points south. They also said the temps would rise to high 40s. They got it wrong. It was 37F when I got home.

I dressed about as well I could based upon the forecast. My feet got cold, but I didn't think I'd need charcoal warmers. They got cold and stayed cold. I didn't wear the balaclava, but the new skull cap. The first 30 minutes I questioned that, because my face was stinging. But in the end I was glad I made this choice. My head didn't sweat anything like it does with the balaclava.

There were crosswinds and headwinds all but about an hour of the ride. I think I was protected in the hills for that. I couldn't get the computer to work. Then I realised I put on a different front wheel (not sure why I had previously used the black one instead of the silver that matches the rear). I forgot to put the magnet on it! computer won't work without it. ditz

Sander's Gate Rd is not marked at the turn, but at the next interseation so I have a little more distance than I recorded when I mapped the ride a few minutes ago. Traffic was good for the most part. Once you arrive south of Iroquois Park everything becomes very rural and increasingly so. There were 3 deer running along Old 3rd Street road and back Weisertown. Cars were stopping, I was trying to get out of the way of the deer. One lady was talking to me, "did you see that?..." Wish I had a camera, but probably wouldn't have time to capture them anyway.

There were lots of dogs. Most were either behind fences or chained. But 3 decided to chase/run alongside. I tried to remain composed, but my heart rate raced! I just started saying, "good dog, good boy" and after a little distance, "go home now". I'm lucky I know this. Too many fellow cyclists have some wounds and stories. I kept my water bottle handy, but I need a hand pump I think. Something I can use as a weapon if necessary.

Jefferson Hill was hard, I checked my time when I got to the top and decided to cut the ride short. I turned right onto Top Hill Rd instead of left on Mitchell Hill. Mitchell was the downward spiral to my broken bones last July. I rode the brakes so hard going down to Knob Creek I started to wonder how hot they were getting. And if I'd have enough later on! I should've stopped and eaten at the bottom, but the clock was worrying me so I kept going. I got to Hwy 44 and turned into Skyview and immediately pulled off the road. I'd been coming downhill and was in my big ring/12. Skyview goes up and as I found out, up and up and up. I downshifted and began my ascent. That didn't last nearly long enough. I walked way more than I rode. I got back on my bike and rode a short bit and then walked a bit more. Once at the top of Skyview, I made a quick call to the map author to see if there was a shorter route back. I was past 3 hours in and had plenty of road to go. I then ate half of my bagel and some trailmix and continued on.

The downhill @ Pendleton scared me just as much as getting to Knob Creek. The pavement was wet and there was loose gravel in places. My knuckles had to be white, my fingertips went numb from squeezing the brakes. I made a wrong turn off Blevins Gap and lost my handwritten cue sheet. Turned around, found Penile Rd. and made my way back to Iroquois. The only thing for the rest of my ride that stands out is when I was on 2nd just past YPAS. A very expensive car passes, very closely and the passenger rolls down the window and screams at me. WTF?

I got home @ 4, ate the rest of my bagel, sponged off and dressed and left for Baptist East. Had a CT scan today to check on the lymph node in my right lung. I'm thinking it's back to normal. I haven't wheezed since early Nov. I am so tired. I rode a little over 9 hours this weekend. Should've been more miles and a little more miles, but no regrets. My HR monitor says I burned 2246 calories. Guess the 2nd Negro Modelo is ok

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