28 January, 2010

Warsaw - part 1

Flight to Chicago, uneventful and ontime (except they rushed boarding as fog was threatening @ Chicago) - tram to International terminal - hour wait in line @ security - 20 minute wait in line to purchase water. Flight on LOT to Warsaw was nice enough. Most passengers around me didn't speak English. 10 hours on a plane get very old and I got very stiff after 6 hours.

Sally and Seamus picked me up, showed me the apt and took me shopping for food, had lunch and kept me busy all afternoon with many beers. Sleep for the first few nights was difficult. Time change is hard for me.

I fixed dinner in on Monday night. um, Celsius vs Farenheit on oven and I burned the butter and filled the kitchen with smoke. :-) ditz! microwave has interesting symbols, which I believe refer to warm vs cook vs defrost, but difficult to know for sure. reading food packaging in polish is also very trying exercise and just learning a few words makes me appreciate that all these colleagues have learned English.

The people are so warm and friendly. A few of us had dinner Wed night. A colleague has helped me to locate a gym and took me last night. He negotiated the clerk to allow me to workout and pay the next time I go. Which at this point will be Friday morning. The walk to the gym is about 15-20 minutes. The weather here is quite cold, but warmed enough over night for it to snow.

I'm a bit homesick. I don't have internet connection @ apartment yet. Being 6 hours different I'm always calculating what time it is at home to figure out what people might be doing. Right now they are sleeping.

Heather said that Socks isn't well, but then she hasn't been for some time. I hope she lasts til I get home.


Grasshopper said...

I also found the people of Poland to be warm and friendly. They were excited to have tourists from USA in 1991 and made every effort to be understood. Remind me to tell you the story about the topless bar!

Peter said...

Hey Sherri, I'm really enjoying your photos and posts about Warsaw. I'll be "next door" in 9-10 hours!

Being an American who remembers a good bit of his high school/college Spanish is doing little to help my German, and I expect French and Polish would be the same!

In case you've never traversed the Atlantic before, take heart: jet lag is much worse going east. I'll be fighting sleep for days!

Sherri said...

Dick please do tell this story when I return

Peter, glad to hear it. Yeah, I've been abroad several times and east is worst I think. safe travels, though you may be almost here by now.