06 January, 2010

just all mixed up

and am a big goof - it was a great beginning to the day today.

I held a call with one of my peers in Warsaw. She and I have really connected over the last few years, teaming up when we could. She held a call with me and a new team leader that I'll be working closely with over the next year or longer. I've very excited about this new team, the team lead and the work we are tasked with for the next period of time.

Later this morning I had a call with my boss. She said to book my flights to Warsaw and I'll stay in her apartment. Two weeks is a long time to be gone. I can't ride my bike for two weeks, what am I gonna do? Fresh veggies will be impossible to get hold of, all starchy food.

I should be thrilled and am on one hand but anxious on the other

I need to stop second guessing myself.

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