10 January, 2010

Riding trails now?

After yesterday I really wanted to get back out on my cross bike. I figured the park roads would be slushy and I was right. B2 told me about a team mates and couple of friends were going to ride Cherokee @ 2. So, I took off to see if I could run into them.

They were nice and let me tag along. Oh my what fun it was! The trails were frozen with packed snow. Will said that it's a good thing that my rear brake is a little loose. They were riding mtn bikes and I was on my cross bike. They were spinning like crazy and I'm trying to find the right gear.

Each time I got good momentum it's time to slow down and take some technical turns through trees. Over roots and rocks up and down steep sloping terrain. I woke up some muscles! I also took several spills. Most were cushioned and I laughed and laughed. It was so much fun! There was one very steep descent, Will cautioned me to sit back. What a rush that was! On the last trail I wound up walking one hill. My legs and ass were screaming at me.

One of these spills was and EndO. Front wheel locked body and rear wheel kept moving, right over top. My first! It was slow motion and I survived!

I even asked Will's dad for a ride home, which I probably should've ridden and spun out my legs. My thumb joints are aching a bit and my "good" shoulder is feeling interesting. I'm NOT complaining. It was a great workout, 2 days in a row. I have plenty to learn about all this stuff. And all these feelings of aches and pains just remind me that I'm alive and kicking and "loving every minute of it". Only a couple of nice bruises, we'll call those trophies.

ps this morning the only thing really bothering me are the knees, they are bruised but think I need to check pedal placement too

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