17 January, 2010

somedays are good - plans change

plans change - hoped to ride a century on Saturday, but several racers were going to the Show and Go. I wasn't going to ride to Salem and get dropped and not know where I was. But I rode about 65 miles anyway. My computer started acting up at one point and the speed kept changing from all haphazardly and then went to 0. It missed 10 miles. I don't know if the magnet on the wheel moved or what.

The bike club banquet was last night. It was very well attended. Hugs were aplenty and conversation was lively. I'd hoped to sit with several friends, but tables were taken and seats scarce. The awards piece always seems long, but it's good to have this once a year event.

Brian had planned a ride to the forest today, but rain came in and temps being low 40s decided to cancel. Guess I'll get on the trainer. Was hoping the rain would stop and could at least get in a fw miles outside. There's still some time.

Puddle sent out a note for a show and go century tomorrow. I responded but haven't heard details. Only 6 or 7 more days to get to ride.

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