05 February, 2010

Lost a dear one today - Our Socks

and I wasn't home to be with her or say good-bye. My sweet Heather was there to give her comfort and love. I can't change the situation. I can say what I wish had happened but it didn't and that is futile.

We rescued Socks from behind the wall at the cabinet shop in 1993 (we think but it might've been 1992). From our guestimation she was 3 weeks old. Heather was 12 and Amber was 8. I learnt alot about kittens that spring. I bottle fed her for 3 weeks. Along with bottle feeding you have to wipe their butts to stimulate peeing and pooing. She had the sharpest paper thin nails and tore up my hands something fierce. I don't regret bringing her in and taking care of her, but I don't think I could do it again. She ate every or 3 hours, much like a human baby. I kept her in a box under my desk at work. We took her on a long weekend vacation to the lake with friends and I bottle fed her then as well. She became a member of our family.

Socks became very independent as cats will do. She "owned" the house. Her house mate Whiskers loved her dearly and gave her full reign. He always gave her first dibs on food, etc. When Whiskers passed Socks grieved and grieved. Then Amber and I brought home Bastian. Oh my, what a disruption in her life that created!

She would do things to get him into trouble. She was a smart one, that Socks.

She was one of us. When I moved out last spring it was hard on Terry. She had already started becoming finicky about eating. She had already started losing weight.

I've been in Warsaw for almost 2 weeks now. Heather took her in and kept her while I've been away. I hate that this happened while I was gone. But am glad that Heather was on watch. Heather has a big heart and loves animals. She gets it honest as our family has always been animal lovers.

I can't grieve properly. I don't know if I can until I get home and she's not there. I miss her already. But I know she lived a long life and had a family that loved her very much. This will leave a hole in my heart for some time.

She has finally found Peace

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Judi said...

oh so sorry sherry. soon you will be home and hope you able to find some comfort.