15 February, 2010

Day off for President's Day

and I woke up stiff and sore and bruised and noticed a cut on my lip all from yesterday's fun on the trails. A ride got posted for the weekend and I inquired as to it's suitability for a cross bike. I was discouraged and so I put out an email request for a loaner mtn bike.

To my surprise and excitement a fellow cyclist emailed and said I could borrow one of their's. Maybe even make a deal for purchase (but I have to pay for my cross bike first!) So, am supposed to pick up the bike tomorrow. Have plans to ride it Wed afternoon to try it out. I'm very pumped.

Because it keeps snowing and that makes it too treacherous to ride the road bike. Even the cross bike is challenging when ice is under the tires. They are calling for more snow tonight and again this weekend. It will make for an interesting February for sure.

I rode the trainer and watched the Olympics today. I always feel so much better after a good sweat. Needed to spin out the soreness in my legs from yesterday's ride. My thighs are still tender, but that's from the bruises. My left shoulder and upper arm are still hurting in the worst way. I should meditate and get the chi moving to move out the bad stuff.



Judi said...

hot bath! :) candles. incense.

Sherri said...

Always a hot bath! Miss my jacuzzi tub though