14 February, 2010

shutting down

went on a trail ride with friends, they were all on mtn bikes and I on my cross bike. Am glad Brian asked me to join. I won't again for a while I think. Can't keep up and they all wait at the end. Not fair to them. It was fun for the first bit. But it was icier than last time and I fell quite a lot. After 2:15 of being on the bike my avg heart rate was 150 and maxed at 175. 40 minutes are all that stayed in zone, 30 of that had to be riding to and from the ride. :-)

I got lost at one point and could not figure out where I was. I fell behind very quickly going up the hill to the Wilderness. Seems I took a left when everyone goes right. I didn't know. This was my first time in Wilderness. Felt so stupid having to make a phone call to figure out how to get out. After getting back on track I fell twice and hurt my precious uh huh. I knocked my saddle about 30 degrees out of alignment the first time. Guess it's no big deal though. Not like I have any dates lined up.

I've gained weight and am out of shape and am tired of riding by myself on group rides. Time to rethink, unplug, disconnect, something. good grief

and my left shoulder is hurting more than ever - but not from falling -

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