21 February, 2010

Putting together a plan

I knew I wouldn't see enough progress if I didn't do something. The job is demanding more and more of my time, which is ok and expected and welcome. But I need help. So after researching and talking I found someone to coach and mentor me. Finally, I have someone that doesn't cost a fortune, but has experience with racing. Racing multiple disciplines, too, which really will be helpful I think.

Saturday was the field test. Now, due to a variety of reasons, it was done inside on the trainer. The only true numbers derived are HR. But those are very important so the rest of my mileage/time in the saddle is done at the proper exertion level. The test was HARD. I did it solo. The warm-up went a few minutes longer than it should've. I didn't have all things in order before starting. Towel, fan - so much to remember! The first steady state was tough. I don't have a computer that would read cadence so was having to focus on my pedal stroke and push, trying to stay 85 - 95 rpm. Gearing changes, but tried to keep within 1 up or 1 down from start. 5 minute recovery and start again. Second one was even harder. The legs were feeling full of lactate acid. I misread my watch and worked really hard the last minute, but ended a minute sooner than scheduled.

Results - not sure but the feedback was "good job, nice and consistent" cool I went out for a nice ride in the park mid-afternoon. It was a beautiful day and needed to spin out my legs after that hard effort. My legs never felt so tired before. They wieghed a hundred pounds each. Was in bed before 9:30. But was wide awake just after midnight. and it was almost 2 before I fell asleep. That sucked big wind. I have this bird outside my window that has decided to sing each morning at 5 am. Thanks birdy!

Today was a nice long easy (yeah right) ride on an absolutely fabulous weather day. I rode 60+ miles. A new friend and a good friend rode with me. The new friend only had 2 hours. The good friend rode quite a few more miles than I did. Mandate was to keep HR below 140, to which I said "yeah right". I did though, for the most part. Just kept switching the gearing to where my breathing and HR was good. There were a few good efforts uphill where it rose. But that was perfectly acceptable. I have plenty to learn as far as this training regimen goes. Tomorrow starts regular leg workouts to build strength, which will be 3 times a week.

I have a full week of work ahead, 2 trainer tours and the last of the roller races. There's still plenty of things I need to sort out in my personal life. But today was a good day spent with friends. Hard work, pushing forward with goals, spending quality time with me and my friends - this is what I consider a GREAT day. May more come to them and me.

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