13 April, 2008

Just a little anxious

Tomorrow is my visit to the Pulmonary specialist. We'll have another breathing test and compare it to the first 3. One year ago was when I got to see the results of the first 3 tests. A life changing event. Thank goodness for that! Thank goodness for Chantix.

I am tobacco free, but I still have to make a daily decision to remain that way. It's scary how some events trigger emotions that automatically make me think about lighting up.

This week was great as far as cycling goes. I rode my first 30 miles in a single ride. The weather turned cold and rainy for the weekend. I resorted to the trainer. But upon reviewing my log, I rode 8 hours and 45 minutes this week. The most I've logged in a single week. Yesterday saw 1:45 minutes and I rode for 2 hours today.

Tomorrow is the Skirt ride. I plan on taking my bike with me to work, but logistics will be interesting with my appt. at the end of the day, this test takes additional time. I'm waiting to see what the plan is for the ride. They are all starting at 6:00. I don't want to miss, because I missed last week.

I've been trying to take time to thank some people that have inspired me. I found a blog titled Maggie's Mind that has continued to be supportive and helpful (though I think I gain 5 pounds when I read her recipes). My BFF, because if it wasn't for her deciding to quit I may still be puffing away. A friend and colleague that is a triathlete, and is more ambitious and gung-ho about fitness and training than anyone I've met. Another friend and colleague that joined me on my first group ride. My sister, my husband and my girls for saying the right things at the right times.

I also have noticed that I've hardly taken an aspirin, Tylenol, or Aleve in the last 6 months. All this movement, healthier diet, weight loss and who knows what else has made my joints stop hurting and swelling.

I have lots of goals I've been able to add to my list now that I can breath. I'm sure I'll be writing about those in the near future.

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